Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School Punishes Girl In 35 Degree Heat


Hyderabad: In the 35-degree heat in Hyderabad, a school girl was ordered to stand in the sun for more than five hours.  A bandage was taped over her mouth.  This was her teacher's way of punishing her for not doing her homework. She was not allowed any food or water.


Disciplining a child / student / ward is one thing. THIS is just sad!

Make her stand on the bench, or in the corner facing the wall. Strike her palms with a ruler – understandable if not completely acceptable. But making a 16 year old stand in the sun for five hours with her mouth taped?? WTF!! Psycho!

What could the teacher possibly be thinking while suggesting such a punishment? Was the teacher thinking at all? Is there going to be a claim of mental breakdown or temporary insanity from the teacher's defence1 lawyer?

Where are the Human Rights Activists now? Or is it that only terrorists have human rights?

The report states that the parents have filed a police case against the teacher and the principal. Honestly, I don't see the point. There will be court cases and that means delays. Boring, tedious, pointless court sessions and piles of paperwork. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Court cases are only interesting when there are big names (individual or corporations) involved. In most cases (where big names are not involved), the Indian judiciary has a simple approach – bore them / tire them / frustrate them to the point where no one really cares about the judgement.   

Some may demand a public apology - Again, I don't see the point. Subjecting the teacher and/or the principal to something similar should be considered, but then we would have some idiots barking out Gandhi quotes like 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'.

SOCK IT! Every time I hear someone say that, I want to punch their lights out. As a brilliant mind once pointed out – A witty saying proves nothing (Voltaire).

My suggestion – Don't subject the teacher to something similar. Subject the teacher to something worse. Far worse. How about this:

  • The teacher serves the remainder of natural life housed on a prison campus (without possibility of parole / early release for good behaviour or any nonsense of the sort under any circumstances) tutoring the prisoners.
  • Sentence to be enforced immediately without trial/hearing.
  • No appeal(s) on any grounds.
  • The teacher can opt for a psych evaluation (paid for by the teacher's estate. Tax-payers are supporting enough criminals and lowlifes2 already).
  • If any treatment is deemed necessary or offers considerable probability of improvement, treatment may be administered on the prison campus (cost borne by the teacher's estate – Same logic as before, but sentence still stands. There will be no release).
  • If the teacher in question has children, custody is transferred to the next of kin.
  • Control of all assets of the teacher should be transferred to the relative(s) given custody of the children.
  • All financial matters to be reported to / regulated by legal solicitors subject to audit by at least two private auditing firms (The teacher gets to appoint the legal representative. We wouldn't want the government to meddle with the finances. Look at how the government handles its own finances!)

How is THAT for discipline? How is THAT for punishment? How is THAT for tough love?

1 - In British English, the correct spelling IS defence and NOT defense
2 - Yes, that is a word -

3 Opinions:

Surya Murali said...

You'd make a very protective and dare I say, lenient papa! :P

But, if she were my daughter I would be happy the teacher did not humiliate her in front of her peers or hit her physically... so much more the mental scars of something like that.

5 hours in 35°C in the sun might have gone unnoticed by the kid if she were shopping in the sun (or doing some other activity she likes to do).
So, I think it isn't that bad. People in Hyderabad would be used to that kinda heat anyway, and classrooms are not air-conditioned / temperature regulated... it would be different if this punishment was meted out in Kuwait or some other place where the lifestyle of the people allow them to avoid extremes in climate.

As for the gag, I cannot give an unbiased opinion without knowing both sides of the story... if she was standing outside the class and disrupting the peace, then a gag is called for (and again, safer than other alternatives I can think of) :D

In my opinion, this particular punishment was the best alternative that would not leave any mental scars on the girl, permanent or otherwise... not even a lot of physical pain or humiliation... yet, at the same time it is potent enough to deter her from repeating the mistake.

Oh... maybe I am just a strict mom! :D

L o r d R a j said...

I would have the teacher's head (or at least make sure the teacher suffered for the rest of his/her miserable life) if my ward / child was as much as spoken to improperly. Standing in the heat for 5 hours is unthinkable.

Let's just say, there are some lines one does not cross. There are some people, one should not tick off.

Anonymous said...

Walllaaaa Mr. Raj what well said lines...

A line that one shouldn't cross..

wah wah wah wah...

Hum jahan khade hote hai line wahi se shuru hoti hai..