Monday, June 18, 2012

With every passing day, it is becoming evident that people no longer appreciate the 'strong silent' type of personality. Wonder what happened?

Some of us don't like to crib about each and every issue. How does it help? When there is nothing that can be done to remedy the issue, talking about is even more upsetting. Not to mention – an exercise in futility.

IF something can be done to remedy the situation – think it through and get on with it. In case nothing can be done (believe it or not, there are things beyond ones control) – Shit happens. Shut up and move on. Harping on about the same thing over and over again is not going to solve the problem.

Must we complicate complex matters even further? What is wrong with keeping it simple? Or at least trying to keep it simple? You play the hand you are dealt. IF you can't change the situation, try and make the best of it.

I agree it isn't easy, but it is not THAT difficult either.

Upset / angry / frustrated? Happens to everyone. It isn't that the universe is conspiring against you. Shit DOES happen! Yell, scream, punch – do what you have to and let it out. But do it all in one go. There is absolutely no need to be miserable about the same issue over and over again. Duniya mein ghamon ki kammi nahin hai.

Chand ke saath kai gham puraane nikle
Kitne gham the jo tere gham ke bahaane nikle.

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Anonymous said...

wallllaaahhh aallllaahh gaab hogayaaa oyeee rabbbaaa....

Meri zindagi ka tambu teen bambu pe khada hai sharab, shayari aur aap