Sunday, May 19, 2013

INR 10 Billion Nirbhaya Fund… What's Happening?

In February 2013, the Finance Minister had allocated INR 10 Billion for the Nirbhaya Fund. Most of the general public cheered the move. It was evident that they had not bothered to read the news item beyond the headline. I did read the article and couldn't understand what all the cheering was for!

I had put up a post highlighting how idiotic the allocation was, given that at the time of the announcement - the Finance Minister admitted that the proposed fund had no defined structure, scope or application!!

So, what ever happened to the Nirbhaya Fund? TOI reports:


Five months after the violent December 16 crime outraged the country, there is no clarity on which of the ministries — finance, home and women and child development (WCD) — should be given the administrative charge of the fund.

The only headway since the ghastly incident occurred has been setting up of a taskforce to create an institutional mechanism for the fund announced in the Union budget as a measure for women's empowerment.

"The taskforce has been set up but there is no decision on who will spend the fund. Reports and recommendations can be prepared but there must be political will to execute good intentions,'' a source said.


Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao.

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