Saturday, May 18, 2013

BlackBerry Q10

The other day, got myself a Q10. Actually, got 2 (Black for me and White for sis).

Initial set up was easy. Didn't face any issues with Contacts / Calendar or BBM restore. It did take a few minutes to get a hang of the Swipe gestures, but not as big a deal as some (very few, but there are some) had made it out to be.

  • The Keyboard is excellent (no surprises there).
  • Swipe gestures make navigation very easy (once you get the hang of it). I would say give it an hour or two of use.
  • The browser is much better than I expected.
  • One full battery charge lasts me a little over 24 hrs (which I think is great, considering the usage).

It hasn't disappointed. Although, there are a few things that seem to have been overlooked by BlackBerry. Hope these will be resolved soon. Some of them are:

  • Calendar - Seriously lacking. What happened to the 'Upcoming Events'?
  • Notifications – Crap. The notifications in OS7 were perfect. Simple and comprehensive. Why would they change that?
  • Speed Dials from Home-screen – It is confirmed that BlackBerry is working on this and it might be available in the next OS update.
  • Startup / Loading Screen – Err… not happening, mate.

Other than the above, there are the usual complaints about 'Apps' (*rolls eyes). There aren't enough apps. Some apps are choppy / not as functional as they should be bla bla.

In my view, those issues should be addressed to the App Developers. Not to BlackBerry. That said, there are plenty of reports suggesting that work is going on to improve / expand the Apps available for OS10.

I don't really bother with much on the apps front. Don't see the need for most of them, really. The ones that I do need / use – seem to be working just fine.

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