Monday, May 27, 2013

The Mentalist – Season 5

I have to admit, I am getting rather bored of all this Red John nonsense. Doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Add to that, Jane isn't nearly as witty as he was in the previous season(s).

  • Episode 2 – Devil's Cherry – This one made me want to go to bed.
  • Episode 5 – Red Dawn – Finally. Something worth watching.
  • Episode 13 – The Red Barn – Yawn.
  • Episode 14 – Red In Tooth And Claw – Compared to the previous crap, this was rather tolerable.
  • Episode 16 – There Will Be Blood – Bla bla bla. Pointless.
  • Episode 18 – Behind The Red Curtain – Seems like the script for this one was pulled out of the rubbish bin.
  • Episode 21 – Red And Itchy – Everything was more or less fine with this, except towards the end where they fucked up big time. I mean… all this investigation into the rapist who was released, and NO ONE bothered to point out that he didn't have a tongue?!
  • Episode 22 – Red John's Rules – CRAP.

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