Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A 'Secret' Behind Mangalyaan's Success… As Reported By TOI


Yes. One of the secrets was… a superstition (*rolls eyes).

They might as well have listed other 'secrets' as well. Like - Fasting on every Tuesday. Carrying a red handkerchief in the left trouser pocket. Temple visit every alternate Monday. Shaving only half a cheek every eighth hour…

Fucking idiots.

There is nothing wrong with being quirky (to a limit, of course) or whatever one wants to call it… but for a newspaper to report it suggesting that it was the secret behind the success… that's just ridiculous! The incompetent fucks didn't even have enough sense to put the word secret in single quotes!

The pathetic 'article' goes on to state:


but not many know space scientists in the US and Russia have their share of quirks as well. The Americans munch on peanuts during rocket launches. And the Russian cosmonauts pee on the right rear wheel of their transfer bus.

Perhaps the reason why many don't know about that is because their media doesn't highlight the quirky bit by calling it a secret to success. In case they do, then they are just as idiotic as TOI.

Laanat hai.

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