Saturday, February 14, 2015

Singularity / The Lovers

Unbelievable acting - That's NOT a compliment.

The story / plot is … crap. The only two actors who have bothered to put in SOME effort in this film are Atul Kulkarni and Tehmina Sunny.

The pathetic FORCED performance by the rest of the cast is made worse by the idiotic language / accents. For some reason, the Indian characters are speaking to each other in English (hilarious for most parts) and Josh Hartnett insists on commanding his men in Hindi (ridiculous, every time). Considering the men would have had SOME formal training, I don't believe it would be a stretch to show them understanding basic English commands.

There are a few Indian characters who do speak Hindi… and that isn't any better. In one particular sequence, an Indian character uses the word 'saala' to express his disappointment / frustration at not being able to capture/kill the queen (Not the Queen of England). Trust me, AT NO POINT- in the history of the Hindi language, was that word (or a similar meaning word) deemed sufficient to express failure / disappointment in an assignment of such magnitude.

Horrible film. Don't watch.

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