Friday, March 20, 2015

No Golf Club Memberships, But Free Yoga Sessions Are Fine?!

29 Jan 2015 - Modi government cancels golf memberships for bureaucrats

20 Mar 2015 -Free Yoga Classes for 31 Lakh Government Employees and Their Families

So, will there be a press release stating that these Yoga classes will be mandatory or is that implied? When do we see a government order pushing these Yoga sessions to the private sector as well?

Even then, we will have a bunch of idiots screaming that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the move. Once you idiots get your head out of Modi's ass and pull out the Culture / Heritage dildo out of your own ass, you will realise what the problem is.

I would explain exactly what the problem is.. but why bother? Blind supporters will fail to see the logic and individuals capable of unbiased thinking would already know.

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