Tuesday, February 11, 2014



JABALPUR: The 50-something resident of the Adivasi-dominated Baihar village in Balaghat district recently had a close encounter with death. He spent an agonizing three hours up on a tree with a furious tigress waiting below. Just when he thought it was all over, the phone came to his rescue.

…Five days later, the little handset has joined the resident deities who sit in the pooja alcove of the Rangdale household

…There was no time to run, recalls Rangdale. So, the two clambered up the nearest peepul tree, stopping only when they reached the top branches. When they peered down they saw the big cat and her two cubs clawing the tree trunk.

…The drama continued for good two hours…And then he heard the magic beep of the mobile lying forgotten in his pocket. Rangdale rang his friends and told them his story. Soon the entire hamlet started walking towards the jungle, armed with drums, lathis and torches. The commotion scared off the tiger and her cubs and she retreated into the deep wood.

but this one, a basic handset, will stay in the shrine. "It was God himself, as a mobile, who saved us," states Rangdale firmly.


To state the obvious - the guy panicked and was shit scared. I get it how one could completely forget about the mobile in the pocket. In such a state, with all the things running across his mind, using the mobile to call for help wouldn't have occurred to him, immediately.

BUT … worshipping the handset? Come on!

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