Saturday, February 8, 2014

When Will The Media Learn??


HYDERABAD: The world could be going gung-ho over the extraordinary story of a mediocre student's journey-from a public school in Hyderabad to the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond- but Satya Nadella's father Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandhar does not seem to understand just what this hoopla is about. So, while he is aware of the frenzy surrounding his 46-year-old son, the former bureaucrat chooses to remain oblivious to it all. He also fails to fathom how anecdotes about the new-crowned CEO's childhood could be of any interest to the rest of the nation.

"I don't know why I should speak about his (Satya's) childhood. How is that even important," the plainly-dressed Yugandhar told this TOI correspondent, waiting to get a dekho of the proud daddy, as he returned home after his daily hour-long evening walk at the KBR National Park nearby.

"Yes I wish him well, but that's all I have to say," the father retorted on being repeatedly asked for a reaction. "All this is unnecessary hype. I don't understand why it is required," he added. And before the next question could be posed at him, Yugandhar had turned away to head for the front door of his conventional south-Indian home, reeking of modesty - a term that's become synonymous with the family over the past one week. "Please spare us now," he finally said, as he walked in.


The world could be going hung-ho over the extraordinary story of a mediocre student's journey…. WRONG! The world - or at least the sensible part of the world, is ONLY interested in the story because Nadella has a very different style/business philosophy from Steve Balmer (loud mouthed idiot… in my opinion). The world is interested and curious to see how Microsoft will perform under this different style.

It is just you (Indian media) dumb fucks who want to make the story about India and Nadella's childhood and his family and bla bla bla. The rest of the world couldn't care less about where Nadella was born, where he studied, his relationship with his father (*rolls eyes).

It is nice to see that someone was able to tell the TOI correspondent (in person) that his coverage was unnecessary and irrelevant. Hopefully SOMEONE in the media will take notice of this and we could have some sensible reporting.

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