Monday, July 16, 2007

The Contract

Morgan Freeman - that name appearing in the credits is what made me bother with this movie. Every character in the movie is.. well they are all stereotypes.

The ex-military Freeman, now an assassin for hire. Cusack - man with a dead wife (cancer) and an almost strained relationship with his son (well that's what it seemed like in the beginning.. but later on, they seemed more like friends than father and son).

Alice Krige - a tight ass FBI official (doesn't really do much in the movie, except make phone calls).

Ned Bellamy - publicity craving - but not too bright - country cop.

The father son thing...

a little too stupid if you ask me. For some reason, just didn't seem believable at all.

Morgan Freeman threatens you, that if you don't let him go, his friends will kill you. Then he tells Cusack, that Cusack won't be able to handle this situation.

There is a body of an FBI agent - who just died of a gunshot - in front of you, and the KIDS reaction is.. absolutely unbelievable ' Ohhh now you've done it.. NOW HE WILL NOT LET YOU GO FOR SURE' .

No reaction to death or the potential danger.. ok.. so guess he is the COOL CALM SEEN IT ALL - KID.. but then he sees another shooting (trigger happy nigger shoots some guy on the road).. and the COOL CALM SEEN IT ALL - KID runs off to daddy screaming..'THEY KILLED HIM... OMG THEY JUS KILLED HIM'

Kids eh...

Freeman's team.. for his assassination assignment..

well a bunch of wierdos - A computer geek who insists on playing chess on his laptop even when they are crouching in the woods to avoid detection from a chopper.

A trigger happy nigger, who in my opinion talks too much.

An ace tracker (perhaps the least annoying character).

A double agent in the team (of sorts) who is there to get rid of Freeman, so the identity of the men who paid for the hit is not compromised (now if this isn't cliched.. then what is?).

The hikers who get caught up in the mess..

They don't really seem as shocked or worried as they should've. I mean come on.. you are standing in front of a man with cuffs on him, another man with a gun pointed and are being guided by a KID who claims to know the terrain.

You have just been told - ' if u go this way.. you will be shot dead by the cuffed man's friends.' and what's your reaction? You argue about WHERE U SHOULD'VE GONE FOR A TRIP!!!

'We shouldve gone to so and so place.. and had a drink and a dance and then ehmm.. ' - OH PLEASE!!! at least make an effort.

If that doesn't bother you.. well your BF or your companion whom you were hiking with.. and a minute ago gone skinny dipping with.. well the guy just got shot by someone from a chopper....

REACT ! or at least go into shock for a few seconds..too much to ask for? I mean.. you knew this guy and he is dead, how about being a little sensitive.

Don't bother.. seriously.

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