Saturday, November 1, 2008



I downloaded this because the cast said Ben Kingsley. Watchable, but... 

The movie starts off okay, not engaging but tolerable. Starts getting a bit pathetic but then with Ben Kinglsey back, it does seem to get a bit interesting, sigh only for a little while. Then it turns really bla. By the time the movie actually started to make sense, I had lost all interest. Some of the one liners were good.

Woody Harrelson is annoying, always has been and in all likelihood, always will be. I don't think it's just the characters that he plays. Guess it's his voice. 

The escape from the dungeon / torture chamber or whatever, and then driving away with the train, ridiculous. No, it's not funny, it's ridiculous.

Carlos being murdered, err.. well the movie would have made a lot of sense if he was KILLED and not murdered by the super dumb chick (totally unnecessary and really screws up things for the movie).

When Carlos was making out with the dumb chick, and parts of the church were falling off, hell - one of the logs could have hit Carlos on the head, and he would have been killed. That would make a hell lot more sense.

See, if I had known earlier that there was money involved, I could understand why these guys were desperate to track down the people involved. Because, it just seemed really stupid to go through all this nonsense, when you had already recovered the dope.

It could have been a really entertaining engaging movie, but the makers just didn't think enough. It really wasn't that difficult, they could have really made this well. It's a bit surprising that they screwed up the simplest of things and missed out on the obvious. 

The most surprising part for me is, the reviews. People seem to be really impressed with the movie. It's watchable - at best.

Even if you choose to ignore the basic mistakes, aren't too bright and of course are easily impressed by mediocre trash, this still isn't as good / great - as mentioned in the reviews. 

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