Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invisible Empire: New World Order Defined

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined (2010)

According to NetFlix, this ‘documentary’ was released in 2009.


More amateurish conspiracy theory crap (in my view). Hated the way parts of it were presented (Video running in small tele sets). Annoying. The narrator kept yapping and although I was trying - just couldn’t get interested. Was actually bored with it.

There is one part where the narrator makes reference to the BRIC nations. There, the smart ass mentions INDONESIA is part of the BRIC!

When the hell did THAT happen? I know it’s been proposed a couple of times, but to the best of my knowledge - Indonesia still isn’t a part of the BRIC.

Till June 29th 2010, it most definitely wasn’t included in the BRIC and here is a link from the Business Standard to validate the fact that they are TRYING to get Indonesia included.

(I said I couldn’t get interested in the documentary, that doesn’t necessarily mean I wasn’t paying attention. )

Read some where that there were other mistakes as well. Something about Hitler uncle being on the cover of Times or some crap like that.

There is also a part where the narrator expresses his surprise at Ted Turner’s view on population control. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the view. The guy proposes that it would help significantly if there were less idiots errr.. people born into the world. He suggests one or two kids per couple.

I REALLY don’t see why the narrator believes this makes Ted the devil.

This one was a waste of time.

Well that’s about the ‘documentary’. My own views about the New World Order, hell why not! Have you taken a look at the world around you lately?? It’s a cesspool! Why NOT come up with a New World Order? Why is it SO WRONG to have ONE NATION, ONE CURRENCY!?

I know what the Book of Revelation says. I have probably read it more times than perhaps any missionary/preacher has (What??!! I find it interesting).

I for one have never been able to understand WHY it’s such a bad idea to have the entire world as a single nation with a single currency. I personally believe it’s a wonderful idea if it can ever be executed.

What’s wrong with the idea of one religion, one god? Does the population enjoy fighting in the name of religion? Why would it be the end of the world if everyone finally agreed that YES, there IS only one God!!

On one side, we have preachers trying to SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD to as many lost souls as they can and trying their best to save their souls from eternal damnation. They want mankind to be united and put an end to discrimination. On the other side, they oppose the idea of the entire world believing in a single god, they oppose a single nation (which will definitely have an effect of discrimination)??!!

Arrey baba, make up your mind. People are confused enough as it is. No reason to add to it!

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