Monday, July 22, 2013

First Charges Filed In 2000 Match Fixing Case


"There are six accused in this case, three of them are on bail while two are abroad," Inspector Keshav Kumar told the court. "The sixth is Hansie Cronje, who is dead," Mr Kumar, the investigating officer in the case, said.


I understand naming the other accused, but filing charges against Cronje? What are you going to do? Ban Cronje from cricket for another life time??

I know a lot of people take a lot of things seriously. I know a lot of people take cricket (and other sports) way too seriously. I can probably understand why the players take it so seriously… but for everyone else – Chillax will you! It's just a game.

  • You think someone is cheating – Don't play with them again.
  • You can prove someone has cheated – Throw him out of the team / game.

Charge-sheet, court case bla bla – Waste of time. Keep it simple. The team management should be allowed to resolve these issues within themselves.

Yes yes… corruption within the team management is an issue. Big deal. Like I said, it's just a game. Keep it that way. Simple. Have a good time. Enjoy the game… and let it go.

Before anyone asks - My views on doping in athletics/cycling etc -

I like to keep it simple and fun. Now, if someone wants to pump himself up with steroids / hormones / horse piss or whatever and run the 100m dash in under 9 seconds or even less… don't know about you, but I would like to watch that!

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