Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kedarnath Will Be Restored To Its Original Glory By The Government


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna on Sunday turned down offers from his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi and others for reconstruction of the Kedarnath temple, saying it will be done by his government and the temple committee.



The Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand was "partially destroyed" and suffered serious damages in the recent floods but government will make all required efforts to restore it to its "original glory", Minister of Culture Chandresh Kumari Katoch said today…

…Ms Katoch said provision has been made for funds for ASI (Archaeological Survey of India)  to begin the work. Uttarakhand government will also contribute and the ministry will encourage public participation in the process.


Ms. Katoch, could you please consider the following:

Given that Temple Committee(s) (not just the one for Kedarnath, but mostly all of them) have their own funds, which they shamelessly flaunt every now and then (by their own admission amounting to Thousands of Crores) - Why can't the restoration be funded completely from those funds? Why should the government (centre or state) or the public contribute? Clearly there shouldn't be any need for any contribution from anyone. The temple's own reserves/funds can be utilised for the restoration.

The centre and state government should be using the money for relocation and rehabilitation of the survivors. If contributions are received from the general public or organisations or other state governments - those too should be employed for the benefit of the survivors who have lost pretty much everything except their heartbeat (for now at least).

Here I was thinking - this would be an opportunity for the trustees to set a wonderful example by utilising the temple's funds to aid the survivors and help them relocate. *Smacks head. Wonder what I was high on that made me think the trustees would even consider such a step. Ye har time bheekh maangna band karo. Ab to zaroorat na ho tab bhi haath failaa kar khade ho jaate ho. Thuu.

[General Rant]

Gold jewellery and accessories for the idols are fine if you can't think of any better utilisation of those funds. I am sure the gods would prefer that the devotees are alive and well cared for as opposed to yet another gold throne to place the idol on.


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