Monday, July 1, 2013

Family Members MUST Visit Elderly Relatives. It's Now A Law - China


BEIJING: A Chinese law requiring family members to visit their elderly relatives went into effect on Monday to howls of online ridicule, as the country's huge population ages rapidly.

The regulation "forces" children to visit their parents, the state-run Global Times newspaper said, with concerns growing over increasing numbers of "empty nest" homes.


I didn't bother reading the article any further. My views:

Individuals who want to meet their elderly relatives (or anyone else for that matter) will do so without any compulsion. IF one is doing it only to comply with the law OR to avoid a fine OR because of social pressure OR as a formality… well I seriously doubt the elders would want to meet him anyway.

Why would I want to interact with someone who is visiting me ONLY BECAUSE s/he was forced to?!

Dil se milne ki tamanna hi nahin jab dil mein… haath se haath milaane ki zaroorat kya hai.

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