Sunday, June 30, 2013



Jackie Shroff does a decent enough job with what he got in terms of role/script. Do wish there was more of him (The hospital scenes were terrible. Especially the climax. It wasn't just over the top. It was ridiculous).

Rishi Kapoor is brilliant in his role. Probably the only one in the film who justified every bit of on-screen time.

Prithiviraj not bad. In my view, he would look good only in the 'strong-silent' type roles (Those are the best anyway).

Arjun Kapoor needs to work on his acting. It is way too early for him to convincingly play a double role (with conflicting characters). But then again, in Bollywood that really doesn't matter. Would be nice though if he would work on his expressions. At present, he just has one expression.

Sasha Aagha has potential. Her 'acting' is average (at best), but thankfully for her - in Bollywood that is of little concern. Actors with far less talent/skill have managed to make it big. I seriously doubt Sasha would ever make it as a lead heroine, but she is definitely passable as an item girl. I do see her being cast as a vamp though. Would suit her. And if she manages to pick her roles (and friends) properly, she could make her mark. Otherwise, there is always singing.

The film - Way too many holes in the plot. Too much film-reel is wasted on scenes that add nothing. Some more editing would have made this well paced and engaging. With some post production work it could have actually been a good tight thriller. At present, it is just a typical masala film, average at best - with Rishi Kapoor doing a brilliant job.

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