Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Mamata Madness



"CPI(M) has joined hands with the Maoists in making a blueprint to kill me and to make room for their return to power in West Bengal which will never come off,"

Here we go… again. What I really can't understand is, with all this PLOTTING going on, how come there hasn't been a single successful attempt? Surely the security can't be THAT good. Sigh… We hope… we wait. Umeed pe duniya qaayam hai.


"Outsiders intruded the village when I visited the residence of the girl (gangrape victim who was brutally killed on June 8) and my security staff later told me that a murder plot was hatched against me there itself, which came to be known later,"

Did the security staff tell you OR… did YOU tell that to your security staff?

A plot was 'hatched' there itself? You must've done/said something really horrid for people to immediately 'hatch' a murder plot. The important question here is, why didn't anyone go ahead with the plot? Not even a failed attempt? With all these people 'hatching' so many plots against you, isn't it obvious that YOU are the problem? Why… why can't you be a good girl and just die.


"So long as Ma, Mati and Manush (Mother, land and people) are with me, nobody can touch my hair. I never commit a mistake knowingly. I am not afraid to die,"

Daft cunt.

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