Monday, June 24, 2013

The Interview Scam


The fraudsters' methods are the same in most cases. Mails are drafted on what look like genuine letterheads with the company's logo. One such letter purportedly from Bosch says, "Your resume has been selected from one of the various job sites we hire for our plant. Bosch HRD selected 52 candidates...Designation and job location will be fixed by Bosch HRD at the time of final process."

The letters then invariably ask the candidate to make a refundable security deposit, only in cash, into a certain HR manager's account. The amounts that TOI has seen ranges from Rs 6,725 to Rs 15,890. The amount, the letters say, will pay for the air ticket, accommodation and food during the interview period, and will be refunded in full as soon as the interview is over. It even provides an explanation for why the money needs to be deposited into the HR manager's account and not a company account: "because it will be easier to refund the money immediately after the interview".


Well, if some job seeker is idiotic enough to fall for THAT – here is a suggestion:

STOP APPLYING. You are too stupid to be hired by anyone sensible for any reasonably well paying job. Do not waste your time and that of others. Get yourself a real education first. Clearly, your only skill is being able to crap out mugged up shit onto an answer sheet. That is NOT education.

Padhe-likhe jaahil.

In my view, the 'fraudsters' should build a database of their victims and sell that database to recruitment agencies and big organisations - Database Of The Unemployables. This will help the respective HR officers in short-listing potential candidates and save everyone a lot of time and effort.

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