Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Shocked' By Jiah Khan's Death, Boy Commits Suicide


According to police, the boy, Babu , a resident of Gurunanak Basti in Sriganganagar, woke up on Tuesday morning and was watching television. Babu was a student of Class V in a private school. "He became depressed after watching the news of Jiah Khan's death. Later he brought some DVDs of Jiah Khan's movies and started watching them. In the afternoon, the boy confined himself to a room. He did not even lock the room and hanged from the ceiling fan," said a police officer on Wednesday.


Wow… this is definitely beyond the permissible level of stupidity. You daft cunt!

Good riddance to bad rubbish. One less idiot in the world.

I do feel sorry for the parents, but I am sure they would have been suffering from the day Babu was born. Couldn't have been easy bringing up a retard (Yes, I am extremely insensitive and No… I am NOT sorry about that).

Jee haan… main hoon Khalnayak (*plays the video on YouTube smiling as he sings along).

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