Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IdealNotes For iPhone


On Gizmodo:


You can have every last note-taking, scrapbooking, idea-saving app installed on your iPhone 5, but it still won't replace the usefulness of always having a pen and paper handy. And ensuring that at least half of that duo is readily available, the Idealnotes are soft-covered Moleskine knock-offs designed to live with your iPhone 5 in perfect harmony.

Err… seriously, what's the point!??

What next? Here is my guess:

  • IdealNotes will be acquired by Apple and get renamed to iNote (if that's NOT already taken).
  • iNote 2 will be launched a year later and will include a side band as well to hold a pencil (and hailed as a revolutionary notebook, with Apple claiming to have invented the pencil).
  • iNote 3 will be a thinner/slimmer version of the iNote 2 (yet another ground-breaking development).

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