Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chattisgarh Collector's Response


In a shocking case of apathy, a collector in Chhattisgarh rejected a farmer's application requesting permission to end his life saying he does not need the administration's permission to kill himself.


It isn't often that I agree with the administration, but every now and then there will be an incident where I don't see any reason to disagree.

The response (in this case) may be considered insensitive (*rolls eyes), but I see nothing wrong with it. It is obvious the farmer - Rameshwar Banjare was trying to get some attention.

The article goes on to explain the reason for Rameshwar Banjare's request. He is trying to get compensation for his land – now rendered barren due to pollutants. In all likelihood, Rameshwar thought that by pulling off a stunt like this, he would be able to draw the attention to the pending issue and it just might help expedite the matter.

Like any other government procedure, this too can be painfully slow and extremely frustrating. Totally agree with that. Banjare getting ticked off about it is also understandable.

Here is the part that I don't get – Rameshwar could have submitted a relevant application – seeking timely compensation. He could have asked why he hasn't been compensated yet. He could have perhaps even demanded that the officials look into the matter and assist in resolving the issue.

Instead, what does bewakoof Banjare do? He submits an application requesting permission to commit suicide. If I was in the collector's position, I would have probably asked if he needed any assistance in deciding on the method and even made a few suggestions.

Insensitive… sure. But I honestly feel the world is better off without such cunts. Seriously.



Arrey marna hai to mar. Iss mein poochne ki kya baat hai? Saala nautanki. Tum log bas faaltu mein tension dete ho aur footage khaate ho. Mar saale maadarchod. Dum nahin hai? Idhar aa haraami… hum maar dete hain. Dharti pe bojh. Neech zaat.

Arrrggggh… It's Dexter time. Will have to settle for a re-run.


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