Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talk About Messed Up Priorities


… Narendra Modi who is promising to build the world's tallest statue — that of the Sardar — with scrap donated from villages across the country. The other set is trustees of the primary school in Karamsad where Sardar studied from standard I to III. It needs a government grant to refurbish the rundown structure and turn it into a memorial to the real Iron Man of India.

But while Modi needs about Rs 2,000 crore to build the statue, the Kasramsad school needs a measly Rs 25 lakh but that the government is refusing to open its purse strings…


The rest of the article is the usual story of how the trustees have been unable to secure the small amount required… bla bla.

Here is the thing - It doesn't matter if the amount is INR 20 Billion or INR 2.5 Million. What does matter is the use of those funds. As mentioned in the article, the intended use is to build / maintain a memorial. (The article states that the school will be turned into a memorial. It isn't mentioned that the structure will be operated as a school).

People are arguing why the statue is more important and why the school is not significant enough as a memorial. Another set of people pointing out that Modi and his govt. hasn't done anything for the suggested school memorial in all these years (apparently the request of INR 2.5 Million was put in a while back).

My view - Any memorial, School or Statue - made by any party - be it Congress or BJP or BSP - is a waste of funds. These proceeds can be utilised in a much better way. Just about ANY undertaking would be considered a better utilisation when compared to building a memorial! It is not as if we have any shortage of REAL issues.

I wish there were more people focusing on THAT FACT as opposed to showing their loyalty to one political party or the other OR highlighting their choice of monument that the Sardar would have preferred. Memorial/monuments to bante rahenge. Pehle bhi bante the, abhi bhi bante hain, aage bhi bante rahenge. Innka kya issue banaa rahe ho!? Issue banaana hai to dhang ke issue uthaao! I am sure Sardar Patel would have liked that EVEN more.

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