Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tragedy Used For TRP


Delhi government has issued notices to two private hospitals after the parents of a seven-year-old boy, who died of dengue on September 8, jumped to their deaths from a building after they failed to get him admitted to a hospital in time.

…The couple's only son, Avinash, died of suspected dengue on September 8 after allegedly being denied admission at two prominent private hospitals on the previous day.Union health minister JP Nadda expressed anguish over the denial of admission to the child and tragedy thereafter. He has assured action against those guilty.


The incident is sad. Times Now deciding to have a 'debate' on this, is a clear indication of how fucked up the media has become.

It's extremely insensitive to be debating this and having Arnab Goswami - perhaps the worst debate moderator in Indian media, conducting it. Here is a moderator who drowns out any panellist who does not echo the view already voiced by Arnab. This was made obvious last night when he wouldn't allow Dr. Vimarsh Raina (Director - Akash Hospital) to answer the questions, enumerate the action(s) taken, defend the position of the hospital, or complete his points.

Dr. Raina MAY have valid points or may not. How the fuck do you conclude that NOTHING WAS DONE when you won't even let him speak!?

At least there was Dr Shalini Pandey (Sr. Consultant - Batra Hospital) who managed (towards the end of this horrible 'debate') to put in a sentence commending the steps taken by the doctors at Akash Hospital to try to help the child.

Arnab insisted on NOT politicising the debate. If he did not want to politicise the debate, then he shouldn't have brought two politicians on the panel! He hammered away at the AAP spokesperson stating that the State government should be blamed for the actions (or lack of) of the PRIVATE hospitals (JFTR, show cause notices had already been issued).

Sambit Patra - one of BJP's more eloquent and reasonably well behaved spokespersons (which means that he is relatively tolerable when compared to other idiotic party spokespersons. It doesn't mean that he is LESS idiotic) suggested that the Delhi government SHOULD have 'Put up hoardings all over Delhi that told people that if they are infected with Dengue then they should go to the following government hospitals'.


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