Sunday, September 13, 2015


Started off with this series. No matter what anyone tells you, this is NOT a funny show!

Season 1, Episode 2… That's how far I was able to get, at which point, I wanted to trash my laptop and stab out my own eyes.

Absolute rubbish! Can't understand how such nonsense can make it to a 'Recommended Watch' list. Getting a 4 star rating?!! How did that happen?!

The VP being dumb is acceptable / believable… BUT the Chief of Staff? Director of Communications? VP's Personal Aide? How the fuck is it possible that EVERYONE in the office is incompetent to a degree that they appear retarded?! Even the Whitehouse liaison to the VP is an imbecile!

These are supposed to be civil servants with ACTUAL experience at handling and babysitting nominated / elected officials. These are the individuals who are expected to save the nominated / elected 'representatives' from landing in shit. True, that they may not always be able to accomplish that, but they simply CAN NOT be THIS incompetent.

This show isn't funny. It is STUPID!

If this shit excuse for a comedy show was supposed to be satirical, well … IT ISN'T. If it was 'inspired' from Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister, well… the Americans have failed miserably… yet again.

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