Sunday, September 20, 2015

ATTN: Office Of Smt. Maneka Gandhi


Responding to a question on involving men in the gender debate Gandhi who holds the charge of women and child development ministry said, "Obviously it is the most critical since all the violence is male generated. One of the ways to tackle this is at the school stage so we have started something which will go into effect in a few months called "gender champions'': boys who have been particularly respectful and helpful to girls and deserve to be emulated and rewarded. These prizes will be given to a person in each class annually. It can also be given to a girl who has been outstanding in her bravery/attitude.''


That appeared in the papers on 15-09-15.

Maneka ji may have missed another story that made rounds on 14-09-15. It's understandable, given how busy she is saving the tigers and what not. Hota hai. The story was about a 'fight' breaking out during a TV show / Debate [Link]. Video:


Maneka ji SHOULD view the video (and read the article). She just might want to retract her statement. Of course, that's not the only option. The alternatives are:

  • Perhaps she could enlighten us as to what constitutes violence and what does not. She may be of the opinion that Deepa Sharma slapping Om Ji can not be considered 'violence' (It is a probability - Recently another BJP MP, Mahesh Sharma, shared with the general public his own method of determining who CAN BE a nationalist and who can not. OR which text is religious and which is not).
  • Perhaps Maneka ji could drum up support from the other bandars members in BJP and then insist on standing by her statement ('all violence is male generated'). They could even demand a gender test for Deepa Sharma.
  • Perhaps Maneka ji would applaud Deepa Sharma and give her one of those Gender Champion Prize/Award for outstanding bravery/attitude.

JFTR, I couldn't care less about Deepa Sharma or Raadhe Maa or Om Ji. Either one of them getting slapped or slapping another one is a non-issue for me. In my personal view, they (and a significant number of other personalities) are deserving of a lot more than just a slap.

I merely pointed out this incident to highlight the problem with the idiotic extraordinary comments of Smt. Maneka Gandhi. I am sure there are a number of other reports that could be used for that purpose, but this was a preferred choice simply because of the short interval between the two 'news reports'.

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