Thursday, October 4, 2007

What took them so long?

Here is the news article - Lawsuit against DEFAMATORY SONG (honestly, I was expecting this to happen quite a while back).

They don't like the video. They don't like the women in the video, they don't like the dance steps, they don't like the use of words Hare Krishna Hare Ram, and they don't like the way the buddha idol is shown in the song.


Another case of people taking things a bit too far. It's a song.... thats all it is.. JUST A BLOODY SONG. IF you feel it's demeaning or derogatory or DEFAMATORY (!!!) then don't watch it, don't listen to it. Hindus watching this song are not going to give up their religion. The buddhists who watch the video are not going to convert to any other religion.

If the GOD(s) (sorry, some people believe its plural) do get angry, then it's between God(s) and us (the people who enjoyed the video, and also the lyricist, the choreographer etc). We will handle it. No need for a law suit. All you are doing is giving it more publicity, which I am sure WAS NOT what you intended on.. (yeah right).

Hurting the religious sentiments .. ufffffff (seriously hate that line). Toughen up a bit atleast. Too fucking sensitive.

OMG.. I used the word 'FUCKING' - Hope it didn't hurt anyones SENTIMENTS..

2 Opinions:

Sigma said...

Absolutely right. At times, people take it too far. And it is mostly for cheap publicity. I think the courts should dismiss such frivolous cases outright (and perhaps penalise people filing such cases), instead of wasting precious time, when they have so many serious cases pending for years.

L o r d R a j said...

Exactly, the time of the judiciary can definitely be put to better use.

sigh.. ab in gadon ko kaun samjhaaye.