Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lawyer sues T20 India team

local lawyer has filed a complaint in a local court accusing them of showing disrespect and contempt to the Indian flag after winning the final match with Pakistan.

Here is the link, to the complete text for this nonsense.

Disrespect to the national flag?!!? Seriously, some people do take this stuff a little too far. I am not a nationalist freak, so I guess I wouldn't understand the feelings of these .. these.. PATRIOTS (well pick a word..the words I'd like to use .. well they could be considered as showing DISRESPECT AND CONTEMPT). But, like any normal person with a brain capable of thinking, I do recognize a publicity stunt when I see one.

This is crap. I seriously hope that people filing such suits be thrashed in public and be held in contempt of court for wasting the courts time. Seriously dude, get a life.

If you think what happened after the finals was disrespectful, then why don't you take a walk on the roads of Delhi after the August 15th or the January 26th celebrations. Now that scene would really help make a grand case, perhaps against all the residents of Delhi.

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