Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Proposed blogging law (Italy)

Just incase, someone thought that Stupid laws and proposals were region specific.. well here is another idiotic proposal, this time from Italy. Ricardo Franco Levi has come out with the draft. (MORON)

The law, IF PASSED WITHOUT ANY AMENDMENTS, requires all bloggers in Italy to register with a national database. Beppe Grillo talks about the crappy law and makes his displeasure known on his blog. The outrage from the general public has ensured that the proposal will be revised and reconsidered.

What it says more or less is that Non-professional and/or not-for-profit blogs and websites be categorized as editorial products which would imply that, these would be treated at par with magazines and newspapers.

Not only would this allow the government to hit them with taxes, but also object on the content of these blogs or websites. If a post or a readers comment were considered libelous, it could translate to jail term for the blogger!!??

Just as I had mentioned earlier, about a law proposed by a parliamentary committee in India, it's highly unlikely that such nonsense would come into effect, but one does wonder - HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? Even if it's just a draft and will be amended, what were you thinking when you prepared the bloody draft!!

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