Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So, India won the Twenty-20 World cup. Personally - I think its Gully cricket (free hit, bowl out... WTF!!), but then, that's just me.

Surely the majority doesn't think so :

Mumbai comes to a halt to welcome victorious Team India

or how about this - The board has announced $3 million for the team and Rs 15 lakh each for the support staff while Yuvraj Singh will get Rs 1 crore for hitting six sixes in one over - Link

I am sure there is more, but then I am also sure that almost everyone would've already read it.

Yes, there is plenty of money with the board, yes they can surely afford all these distributions (and much more). It's just that, wouldn't it be great if that money was actually used in developing the sport or training the players:

(someone please show some of the bowlers how to bowl the correct line and length.... and that doesn't mean that the batsmen don't need any help. don't even get me started on the fielding)

or grooming young talent:

(I am sure we have lots of young players who have shown promise).

The above would definitely be a better use of funds as opposed to .. well being given away for winning Gully Cricket?

They have already screwed up the first two matches against Australia (thank heavens it rained for the first ODI), lets see what happens next.

What makes it worse is the way the media yapps... DEKHTE HAIN , KAUN HAI ASLI CHAMPION (I honestly didn't know there was ever a doubt)

or.. Australia ka muqaabla WORLD CHAMPION INDIA SE .. (did they forget that Australia is the current world champion for the 50 over version of the game??)

Of course the team is slightly different, well, if the others perform better, then why not keep them in the playing 11. ISNT IT OBVIOUS!! For every match, there will be a winner, and there will be a loser. We get that. What we want is a good game.. not a one sided match. Honestly.. SOME OF THEM HAVE TO GO

Sreesanth jumping or the Aussies frowning or the players abusing might be exciting for some, but that DOESN'T make a good game.

Yes.. every player has a bad day once in a while.. perhaps the entire top order was having a bad day .. well shit happens. (possible that the Pak team was having a bad day too for the twenty-twenty final).

If it's all upto good day/bad day .. then probably we should be paying the prize money to the guys who scheduled the matches on these days, and not to the players.

The next test match for India will be November 22nd, against Pakistan. Really hope the team can get its act together by then. would be great if they win, but I am willing to settle even if they can put up a good show.

And if not.. then.. Gully Cricket to hai hi.. Kanche baazi bhi shuru karaa denge.

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