Monday, October 29, 2007

Follow up comments

I was leaving a comment on a blog, when I noticed EMAIL FOLLOW UP COMMENTS option. Cool. Sure makes things easier.

Incase you already knew about it, well no harm done.

2 Opinions:

Sigma said...

Follow up comments is a nice option, but if that blog has a large fan-following, your mailbox gets filled up pretty fast (and you might not even be interested in what everyone says, perhaps just the author!)

Lord Raj said...

Good point. Didnt really think of that bit.

for me, well i like it for the same reason i like Google reader :)

With google reader, i dont have to go to a blog, only to find out that it hasnt been updated

n with this, i dont have to go to the comments section, n find out there are no more comments ;)

but like you said, could lead to a mess in the mailbox, if its a popular blog..