Sunday, October 7, 2007

You Kill Me

Ben Kingsley... just saw that name appearing in the credits and thought it would make a good watch. Well it didn't.

It does have its moments. Smart and Witty at times (wish that would last through out the movie). Ben Kingsley does do the best he can, with the role he was offered. I am sure everyone had a great time while filming for the movie.

It comes to a point where you find yourselves saying 'Get this over with'

Ohh and the Alcohol Anonymous thing - never could take that thing seriously, never have never will. The whole idea of 'Hi my name is bla bla.. I am an alcoholic' , it's just too lame to make sense (to me).

If that shit works for the Alcoholics, then great. I just don't see how it would help and probably that's why the movie just didn't interest me.

You can definitely let this one pass.

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