Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NBW against Aamir Khan

Just read this news article in the morning. These days, people really need to sue celebrities in order to showcase their patriotism.

Issuing a Non bailable warrant against him is fine, provided the prosecution or the court can produce the signed acknowledgement of receipt - by Aamir - for the previous summons.

But what I can't understand is, how the hell does this case even get this far. the petition should've been thrown out the second it was read.

This is how it goes - The case against Aamir is for DISHONORING the national flag (yeah, I know, these people just don't give up). It was the launch of some new car, and Aamir was there to promote the car. The car being launched had the national flag stuck on the roof and it remained there even after the event was over.

Confused? Well so am I. How the hell does this imply dishonor for the national flag? even if it does, then how does it make sense to sue Aamir for it? He was there for the event, but that doesn't mean that he organized the event, or better yet, doesn't mean that he put the flag there?

Don't the courts have any real cases to attend to? the last time I checked, there was a huge backlog of pending court cases, and here they are wasting time on such nonsense.

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