Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Eye Of The World – Robert Jordan

Thank you, Surya

Excellent read. A gripping story with brilliant writing.

All the characters are well defined and the story does remind one of LOTR and GOT, at the same time manages to be a wonderfully unique experience.

Egwene and Nynaeve (in my view) need to be thrashed. Moiraine … sigh… Moiraine… well – Kya kahoon aur kehne ko kya reh gaya. Lan and Perrin are the type of characters that I like – the strong, silent type.

In the beginning of the book, where Rand saves Tam, that single incident makes Rand the hero for me. For the rest of the series, even if Rand were to do absolutely nothing or even destroy the world a million times over, it won’t change my view about him.

Now on to Book Two.

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Unknown said...

You are welcome. In the middle of Book 9 now... Slowed down because of the heat (weather) here and migraines because of it.