Sunday, February 28, 2016

My First Omega… And The Second

It had been about two weeks that I was considering getting myself another watch. Was getting tired of the Armanis and wanted something different.

I decided on getting myself the Seasmaster (Spectre Edition). It wasn’t available in Salhiya or at Hamra and I had pretty much dropped the idea when… I happened to pass by the Omega Boutique at Avenues.

There it was. Last piece. And I got it. A big THANK YOU to the Show Room Manager – Mr. Anil Kumar, for being so helpful.

Comes in the fancy box with an additional metal strap and all that. Although, I will be wearing it with the NATO strap (at least for a while).

While I was waiting for them to pack it up and do the routine paper-work (which would’ve taken about 10 minutes)… I wondered - How bad would it be if I got a SECOND Omega? Another big Thank You to Mr. Anil Kumar for helping me decide on the Aqua Terra.


Comes in another fancy box and additional fabric strap that matches the dial. I don’t think I will be using that fabric strap ever. This looks good with the metal strap.

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