Thursday, February 28, 2013

10% Surcharge On The Rich


"When I need to raise resources, who can I go to except those who are well placed in society. Only 42,800 persons in the whole country who admitted to a taxable income of exceeding Rs one crore per year.

"I propose to impose a surcharge of 10% on persons whose taxable income exceeds Rs 1 crore per year," he said while unveiling Budget proposals for 2013-14.

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Only 42,800 admitted to a taxable income over INR 10 Million. After the Finance Minister's PROPOSAL, this number is likely to reduce. If you want charity from them to run the country, then ask them for the charity (and do try to run the country. In case you haven't noticed, there is a difference between run and ruin). Don't make proposals that DEMAND a payment of a surcharge. Bhikaari bheekh maangte hain… demand nahin karte.


I have to ask:

WHY penalise the rich for being successful? Why penalise them for doing better than the others? Is the aim to ensure that no one does better? That everyone should stop working hard once they reach a mediocre level?

Is it WRONG to be better than the others? To outperform others? To rise above the average? If not, then WHY impose a penalty on the ones who DO manage to rise above the average?

They should be required to pay taxes to the same %age as everyone else. Why should they have to pay more?! What is wrong with a uniform Tax Structure? Giving the poor a break is understandable but why propose to penalise the rich? Tere baap ka khaate hain kya??

You come up with crap like this and then wonder why people don't disclose their income and why they run towards Tax Avoidance schemes?? What are they supposed to do? What would you expect them to do? Apni gaand mein vaseline lagaa kar jhuk jaayen government ke saamne?? "Jahaanpanaa tussi great ho… toufa kabool karo" ??!!!!

And to the fuckers who are cheering THIS crap move - FUCK OFF… Chotte log, Neech zaat, Dharti pe bojh, Khairaati kutte, Social disease. Apne dum pe to kuch kar nahin sakte. Jo kar raha ho, usse dekhkar jalte kyon ho!?!


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