Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fifty Shades Of … Book 1

I can understand why Anastasia may be attracted towards a calm, capable, calculating, collected, civilized, confident, cool, cultured  Christian Grey, CEO. Of course, the truckloads of money would further add to the appeal. What I can't understand is why Grey would be so smitten by Anastasia? Especially given his particular sexual preferences / inclinations, one would assume Grey to be a bit more thorough when picking out / scouting for a potential partner. Grey FALLING for Anastasia seems forced.

Oh… Oh my… Oh - Seriously, after a point that DOES get annoying.

Inner Goddess, Subconscious bla bla bla - Extremely annoying. Not after a while, but from the very first instance. Shut up!

Why does Anastasia keep borrowing clothes from Katherine? Once in a while, is understandable. But in the first book, she has done so on more than one occasion and that's just sad. Anastasia's character is rubbish (in one word).

My primary problem with Book 1 - There is no story. At best it's a cheap chick flick laced with one porn scene after another. Nothing is happening. No business takeover, no disaster, no war, no business rivalry, no search for lost treasures, no historical / mythical / scientific event, no political drama, no murder(s). In short - nothing of any significance.

It is just 'Eat, Drink, Fuck' and repeat (rolls eyes). Pretty pointless as far as a story goes.

Just been informed that Book 2 MAY have something to my interest. Will take a break from this twisted girly porn-book and read Book 2 after a while. Need time to flush out Book 1 from my head (specifically, the idiotic Anastasia).

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