Thursday, February 7, 2013


Alan Arkin was great.

The film wasn't too bad. Evenly paced. I don't mind watching it again. But I do mind the portrayal that this film is based on true events.

The problem for me – In my view 'the mission' was ridiculous, idiotic, over the top [add similar words/phrases of your choice]. The insistence that THIS is how an actual rescue mission was executed is… laughable to say the least.

The suggestion of providing bicycles was just as idiotic as suggesting a Hollywood cover. You want me to believe that the CIA thought THIS was the 'best' option?? If yes, it is rather surprising that the CIA is still referred to as an 'intelligence' agency.

The elaborate set up to have the media publish about the fake film seemed completely unnecessary. The Swiss Air ticket reservations, the immigration checks, the final verification – well, it might have looked good on screen but to me it seemed fake and forced. Probably even more fake and forced because I was expecting this to be 'based on true events'.

I kept wondering why the Republican Guards at the airport weren't using a fucking PTT/Walkie-Talkie. Surely they would have been around in the 1980's:

  • Around the 1:35:38 marker - A studio crew member is shown using one in LA.
  • At the 1:37:39 marker - An airline crew/ground staff is shown using one in the airport.

So, why the airport security / guards didn't bother to get a few for themselves (rolls eyes)??!

Let's just assume there is some reason why the guards and security personnel don't have PTT/Walkie-Talkies - BUT, they did have phones! They could have relayed information over the phone to stop the American/Canadians from boarding the plane. Why didn't they? Why insist on running all over the place when you could just pick up the bloody phone and:

  • Stop the fake film crew from boarding the plane.
  • Deny clearance for take off (call the control tower instead of running to it, you retarded cunt)!

The part with the guard trying to open the glass doors and then ending up with shooting the damn doors – again – ridiculous and laughable. Along with their 'attempt' to stop the plane on the runaway.

Watchable – Yes.
Believable – Err…
Based on true events – Arrr go fuck yourself (it's a quote from the film. You won't get it if you haven't watched it).

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