Sunday, October 16, 2011

Five-Day Old Baby Dies, As Striking Doctors Refuse To Treat Him

Wardha, Maharashtra:  Asha Wankhede waited for doctors silently praying for her five-day old baby. But tragically her prayers went in vain. Three hours later her baby's heart stopped beating.

Jagdish Wankhede, the heartbroken baby's father, relates his tale of woe. ''They told us to go to a private hospital because the doctors were on strike and that he wouldn't get treated here...We got the money from the bank and took him to hospital. But the doctor said he was dead.''

The doctors who are on strike demanding higher salaries, fixed duty hours, and promotions every four years, say they are not to blame. The hospital administration, they say, is responsible for the baby's death. Dr Aaryan Ginavat, one of the striking doctors says, "The baby was declared dead on arrival... we are not responsible...The government is responsible.''


Dr. Aaryan ‘maadar chod’ Ginavat says – The baby was declared dead on arrival. Abbey duffer – it was after you and your idiotic colleagues refused to treat him that the baby had to be taken to another hospital and THERE he was declared dead on arrival!

We are not responsible. The government is responsible. You and your asshole colleagues refused to provide treatment because you were on strike. Is it the government’s fault that you are a heartless senseless bastard??

India loses a bloody cricket match and Mohammed Kaif’s house gets attacked [Link]. On the other hand, we have idiots like Aaryan Ginavat and his colleagues causing death of an infant and talking shit in print – and there is no action from anyone? People in that part of the world sure have different priorities. 

Saale phatte condom ki padaaish – tu kabhi mil gayaa to teri woh haalat karenge, your parents will wish that you were a stillborn.

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