Saturday, October 1, 2011

Iti Mrinalini


Not a bad film. Unfortunately I could get the Hindi (dubbed) version and … Pretty sure it would have been better if I could watch the Bengali one (it does make a difference).

Konkona Sen usually performs really well. In this film too she did a good job.

Aparna Sen What CAN one say about such a brilliant artist?

My problem with the film was – Wasn’t too convinced about Mrinalini deciding not to do any more films after the death of Satyajit Ray. Not convincing enough (my opinion).

The other problem was with Mrinalini agreeing so easily to come back to films. Just a few minutes into a meeting with Imtiaz Chowdhury, she leaves the room and comes back dressed in a black… thing (nighty or whatever you want to call it) with some jewellery dangling from her head and ears all set to play Kunti! (pathetic scene – my view).

The English translation isn’t ready. They don’t even know who will be doing the translation. The lead actor has not been finalised. And the great Mrinalini – who quit films because she was convinced that no one alive could offer her a deserving role – is now all set and ready to play Kunti?!?

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