Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anna’s Physician Seems Just As Idiotic As Anna

The nautanki continues.

K.M. Sancheti examined the 74-year-old Hazare here this afternoon after the social activist was diagnosed with high blood pressure Friday.

"I have advised him to reconsider his decision of continuing with the vow of silence (maun-vrat). He is also losing weight and suffering from back pains," Sancheti told media persons …

However, Sancheti explained that although Hazare does not speak, he keeps thinking. This results in stress, leading to increase in blood pressure, he added.


And reconsidering his decision of continuing with the vow of silence is supposed to help bring down his blood pressure and give relief to the body pain?? Err.. How?!!

Just the other day Anna said on his blog that keeping his mouth shut would help him heal his body and get rid of the swelling in his feet. That seemed just as ridiculous (if not more) and now we have his physician’s idiotic comments highlighted above.

Seems like the Anna Hazare camp is filled with idiots.

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