Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mentally The Sick, My Bouay

Couldn’t think of a title.

MUMBAI: Falling in love outside one's community does not figure anywhere in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Yet, a growing number of parents are sending their children-both adults and adolescents-to psychiatrists in a bid to "cure" them of this "affliction".


Actually, this is a huge improvement. Earlier these idiots parents would be sending their children to Witch Doctors or the likes – convinced that the love / infatuation / affair is the result of a spell and / or black-magic. Now they seem to have gotten a bit sensible - at least they are avoiding the Witch Doctors.

No point in saying much about these morons looking for a cure (except that I wish they would all just die and thereby help in significantly raising the average IQ of the population).

There are idiots in this world (I know a few) who believe that homosexuality as well is a mental disorder or a genetic anomaly that can be treated (*rolls eyes and curses).

Jaahilon ki kammi nahin hai. The worst type being - padhe likhe jaahil.

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