Monday, August 24, 2009

Sons Of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer



I guess the only thing missing with this one was, it didn't say Starring Salman / Shahrukh / Sunny.

  • Twin brothers. Separated at birth. Years later - Up against each other (elections).
  • One gets accused of murder, the other defends him (but naturally).
  • Months later, the other gets in a car accident. Obviously he just HAS TO HAVE a rare blood group and his long lost (not identical) twin will be more than happy to give the blood to save his life.
  • The doctor now will dig up all the files and do all the tests.

Bas .. phir kya: " Bhaiyaaaaaaa"

The part(s) I have put up above is towards the last chapters of the book. So till then, you don't really have much of a problem. The book is readable. Some parts are even interesting. Some of the quotes are rather witty and I did enjoy them. But there is way too many things happening, for it to be considered coincidental.

The book has characters named Jimmy and Tom. Every time anyone of them came up (which happens often), I just felt like the author is talking about his pet dog/cat (it's just the names).

It's readable, but this does not qualify to be put in my shelf. I definitely won't be re-reading this one.

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Elegant Chic said...

here jimmy jimmy jimmy
tommmmyyyyy fetch

L o r d R a j said...


Lady Vinitha said...


We apologize to all the doggies out there for stealing their names.

and Rajeh !! your description of the book reminds me of the movie Karan Arjun :)

Thanks for saving me a Lot of time.


L o r d R a j said...

Hey Lady Vinitha, (nice pic BTW).

Yeah.. Karan Arjun, or any other bolywood flick. We have tons to chose from that have a similar theme.

And I thought the INSPIRATION usually came from the west, into bolywood. Guess it works both ways ;)

I do feel bad for the 'doggies though' ;)