Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just One Of Those Days

Something from the forum I visit these days.

The talk started about swine flu screening, and I started yapping. Just couldn't seem to stop myself.

Here are my posts. Thought of sharing them.

and you have to see the ' CONTROL ' mechanism they have place at Bombay Airport. Saala aisa ghatiya set up. Someone might get infected while waiting in line for the ' DOCTOR ' to look at his face and stamp that bloody flimsy paper.

It's not just the airport authority that should be blamed. Somehow, once the passengers have landed at Bombay Airport, they seem to transform into a herd of cattle (most of them).

Every trip is a bigger disappointment than the previous one.

The concept followed by some pathetic policy makers (around the world, not just restricted to India) seems to be - Something needs to be done - This is something, let's do it.

Not the best approach, I am sure you will agree.

Maadar beepon mein akal hoti to baat hi kya thi. Duniya mein duffaron ki kammi nahin hai.

The numbers are in fact so high, it's obvious that koi na koi duffer will end up occupying a seat/position of reasonable significance/authority and make matters even worse than they already are.


But I applaud the Kuwaiti swine-flu check with their computer monitors.

The camera reads the temp of the person passing in front of it....n immediately displays a 'colored' image...depending on the body heat....to the person watching the monitor. Anyone having a body temp of more than 37 degrees is immediately taken to the clinic....for further verification.
In fact...I had taken a video of the whole equipment and how it works....during my last trip....thanx to the courteous Arab chap manning the heat sensing equipment.

I don't know how the damn thing works, but I have to say, it's relatively a much better solution.

Definitely less inconvenient and even if it does take JUST the temperature, still more effective than the crap they do at Bombay airport, which is - look at your face and stamp the bloody paper.

Just before someone says : ' if you disapprove or hate the place so much, why do you go there ? '

Well, here is the answer - I have been avoiding it for years and if I could help it, I would continue avoiding it. I go there only when I have to. Only when I have NO CHOICE.

It's got nothing to do with patriotism. Everyone wants to avoid inconvenience if they can. I am no exception.

Probably the only exception is, I don't mind admitting the facts.

Like I said - it's not just the authorities I have a problem with. It's so obvious, you have to be dead to ignore it. As soon as the plane lands in Bombay, (most of) the passengers just ... just transform into this bunch of crazy senseless brutes. It's like - all the drinking on the flight and the flight attendants figure has turned them into a stray dog or something.

I don't like people

There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I want to earn enough money that I can get away from everyone. ~ There Will Be Blood.

love the quote.. rings so true


You mean u want to relocate to the moon?

I would definitely consider that (and try to make that much money) provided it was guaranteed that there won't be any more moon missions from Mother Earth.

Moonwrecker : Houston.. we have a problem
Houston : Go ahead Moonwrecker
Moonwrecker : There err.. seems to be an intelligent life form here who insists that "he will kick us so hard that our balls will pop out of our mouth" - if we don't leave.
Advise further course of action.

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