Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Tweets

Just sharing some stuff that I had hit my twitter account with, while waiting for my flight at Kuwait Airport:

At the lounge: (just might put up a post on this later on)


lordraj In the lounge now. Ran into some female who wanted to get into the lounge on an economy class ticket. Always happy to help. :)6:41 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj How did I help. Well gulf bank credit card. :) 6:42 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Its sad that people walk into a lounge and ask at the counter if the person can make an exception. 'Won't stay long'. Pathetic argument6:58 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Wow! And now she wants a lighter!! 7:26 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter



lordraj Well atleast she has her own pack of smokes 7:30 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter


After boarding the plane:


lordraj Flight attendants should wear thongs or g strings underneath as a rule. The pantyline view is a bit ... Well you know.9:31 PM Aug 13th from UberTwitter


Have put up a twitter widget on the blog as well. At the bottom, just above Archives.

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...


Most of the women here walk around like that as if they don't care. Even the Indians... very few have a look at their back in the mirror and try to wear something that wouldn't show a damn thing :P

Well, some don't even wear anything :ashamed:

L o r d R a j said...