Monday, August 24, 2009

"New" Google Skype Phone - India

Would really appreciate it if someone would go and define the word NEW to the guys at TOI.


If your rising international phone calls’ bill has been giving you sleepless nights, try Belkin’s new Google Skype phone. All you need is a wireless router (which comes for just Rs 1,500) installed in your home or office. Detecting a Wi-Fi environment, the phone automatically logs into your Skype account.


I saw the news item on Q8NRI site. Obviously I wanted to know the source. It's TOI (screen shot later). I did leave my comments on the site. Don't see why I can't put them up on my blog as well.

NEW. How the hell can this shit be NEW!

Might be New for BJP's SHINING INDIA or LIGHTNING FAST INDIA (as the BSNL ad suggests), but for the rest of the world, this is pretty much old news.

Date first available at July 20, 2007

OR how about this one:

Date first available at December 19, 2005


New Picture

Dilkhaawon pe mat jaao... apni akal ladaao.

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Elegant Chic said...

Very "new" indeed! ;)