Friday, August 21, 2009

New York


Does anyone remember the flick Khuda Ke Liye? Ahh so now you know where they got the basics for the movie (not too sure if that was an original idea either, but whatever).

Of course, there is a huge difference in the production quality. This is a Yash Raj production, so obviously you will see a difference in the production quality. In terms of this movie being different – well it’s not. The industry has been overdosed with the theme and it’s high time it stopped.

Other than that, almost every other scene in the movie has been ripped off from some American movie. It’s disappointing. The one that bothered me the most was them ripping off the scene from Crash, where the officer frisks the female.

The scene where Katrina and John express their loving feelings for each other – LAME!!

If there is anyone who thought that the actors performed well in this movie, well s/he has been watching trash all this time and has no idea what a good performance is.

I could easily say that Irfaan Khan did a great job, but I am tired of watching him play the same character over and over again.

Neil Nithin Mukesh – Wonder how desperate the makers would be to cast someone who can’t act. I can understand when it comes to casting female leads who can’t act. I can understand when they caste SRK who also can’t act (he can only RE-act). Neil Nithin Mukesh is definitely NOT eye candy and not a ‘star’ to guarantee a good opening. Then why would you cast this non-acting actor?

Katrina KaifTotaa! I think she looks good. I like her. Her accent – I like that too. Reminds me of someone. Acting – we all know she can’t act if her life depended on it. But thankfully for her (and many others), Indian cinema rarely requires a female lead to actually put in a performance.

In the first half of the movie – Katrina with the red streaks/hair highlights – WTF was that about! I hated it. Thankfully in the second half, the streaks were gone and I didn’t have a problem looking at her.

John Abraham – hmmm interesting. He really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting him to be. Or perhaps, the crap put up by everyone else was so pathetic, that his job looked passable. BTW, John as a college student – wasn’t believable for me. Just didn’t look the part.

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SV9211 said...

Hello Raj,

Well, I never bothered seeing this movie after watching the promos on TV. But, I was surprised to read about Niel Nitin Mukesh...did you see him in Johnny Gaddar? He was very good for a new comer, but then that movie had a great screenplay and editing was very slick. I thought that this guy would have a good run in bollywood but I think he is also a one film wonder.

Similarly, after reading a lot about 'Kaminey', went and saw it and was very disappointed. It is hopeless but dunno many have liked it too.

Raj, just wanted to let you father was discharged today and he is doing well. Thank you mate for your prayers :)

L o r d R a j said...

Hey SV, Thanks for the updates.

Nice to know that your father has been discharged. :). More importantly, I hope him yelling at you continues. :D

now moving on to less important matters..

I haven't watched Johnny Gaddar. Never did get around to it. Will try to get my hands on it now.

About Neil being a one film wonder, well I can give you several links to online reviews that have mentioned his performance in New York was extraordinary.

Like I have mentioned (time and again) I have a rather different taste. Furthermore, I am not impressed by mediocrity.

I find Daniel Craig horrible as bond.
According to me, Batman Begins is a pathetic movie.

The above, as you may have concluded are obviously not what you hear or read in the media reports.

About Neil Nithin - perhaps it's just me or a few who found his performance amateurish. To be honest, I found the climax of this movie downright laughable.

But there seem to be many who have more flattering views/reviews.