Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spirit Of Bombay Makes Bombay 'Swine Flu' Proof


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The media earlier reported that Bombay would be pretty much shut down (Schools etc). Partly because of independence day, and also because of the swine flu cases popping up all over Maharashtra.

The reports went on to say that the Janamashtami celebrations in Bombay would not be conducted in the usual manner (that's the Govinda aala re.. thing.. matki phodna etc).

So, what really did happen?

I was walking down Turner Road, Bandra - and human pyramids were in formation. I reached the apartment and switched on the tele (bad habit). There were reports that the celebrations are going on only in two places - Ghatkopar and one other place (I can't recall the name, but it wasn't Bandra).

By the time I was done chuckling at that, there was live footage of Raju Srivastav saying that Swine Flu can't effect him or any one in Bombay. That's a strong statement, especially since the organizer/conductor for the show was standing behind Raju with a mask covering his mouth and nose.

And then, there was yet another news update and now the report suggested that dahin-handi, matki phodna bla bla was going on in only 4 areas in Bombay.

The Spirit of Bombay can 'tackle' more than cross border terrorism. Evidently epidemics too are no match (that's what they believe anyway).

Does anyone else get ticked off with the Spirit of Bombay phrase.. or is it just me?

2 Opinions:

Agnel said...

Me as well.

Why are these idiots trying to "regionalize" again? Earning votes?

Anonymous said...

Nothing can stop Bombay people!