Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now About The Female At The Kuwait Airport

My problem with the incident was basically the grovelling at the reception desk. Arrey, you know you don't have a business class ticket. Yet you walked in. And now you don't want to pay for the extra guest?

She was with her (whipped) boyfriend (I am assuming) who was towing two trolley bags and she was walking ahead yapping on her mobile phone waiting for everyone to just fall on their knees for her.

It's the look. ' I am pretty.. serve me '. Personally, I hate the type. But that's just me.

Who knows, it might have even worked if there was a guy manning the reception desk.

She did have a diners club card, which allows access to the pearl lounge for one person. Now what should the whipped boyfriend do? Wait for her highness downstairs?

Guess even she thought - that would be too much. She could have paid for the guest, but she chose to grovel instead. We won't be here for long. Can't you make an exception!


Me, being me - just can't stand such things, so I pulled out my card (that allows access to the lounge as well, but I rarely have to use it for myself). I asked the receptionist if it was ok to charge her guest on my card. It was fine with everyone.

The grovelling queen says thanks. I roll my eyes, mutter you are welcome (well, no reason why one can't be civil) walk away after collecting my card and signing.

A while later, she walks into the smokers room and asks for a lighter. Whipped bf obviously doesn't smoke (or not in her presence at least). I did hand over the lighter and was glad that she at least had her own pack of smokes.

I did remark - ' Apni aukaat bhool kar shauk nahin paalne chahiyen '. English translation is something like - don't make it a habit to indulge if you can't afford it. Sounds really rude in Hindi though, surprisingly, she found it amusing and smiled at the comment and proceeded to say something (ohh, I didn't mention that she was Indian.. hmm, well now I have mentioned it).

I obviously found her reaction revolting and made it rather vocal that I wasn't interested in listening to anything she had to say.

People disgust me. Some more than the others.

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Agnel said...


"Why act so cheap when you are educated?"

This statement could have slapped her infront of everyone. LOL

L o r d R a j said...


Anonymous said...

What was her response to your comment ? I knew a person like that back in college who was under the impression that she should sweet talk a guy into doing anything for her... until she met yours truly :)

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Mathai.

Response to my comment.. She begins to explain herself and her actions.

I cut her off when she started with ' wo kya hai naa,it's not what it looks like '.

The fake accent was enough to set my teeth grinding, and I cut her off and told her I wasn't interested in listening to what she had to say and switched my attention to the tele (BBC) and was sending BBm's to my ex girl friend telling her about this character, at the same time, putting up twitter updates.

To be honest, she wasn't bad to look at. I might have perhaps initiated a conversation had I not been put off by her behaviour in the beginning it self (at the reception).

I am NOT good with people, in general and I am horrible at faking interest when I despise someone or do not approve of something.

Anonymous said...

You shldn't hv helped her in the first place!!!

L o r d R a j said...

Elegant chic - would have hated it if the whipped bf had to stand outside with 'madams' trolley bags...