Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seven Pounds



Boring. Seemed like Will Smith was trying too hard. Perhaps the makers were trying too hard to make this one of the contenders for the Oscar or something. I don't care if this sounds insensitive, but the movie, the characters - everything about this movie was boring. The first 20 minutes or so were fine, but then it just got so damn slow.

I am told - had I watched the movie till the end, I would have liked it. My response to that is - How the hell do you expect me to sit through something like this? You have decent start and a great ending. Wonderful. What about the gap in between?! How about something interesting there as well?

I don't know the people Will is trying to save. I don't care about the characters. All I want to know is why does Will look like he got run over by a bus. That's all. And that part of the movie is rather predictable and I don't need to subject myself to the torture of watching this till the end.

JFTR - this might be over simplifying the entire thing, but .. the makers seem to have the intention of glorifying a person who is committing suicide because he can't deal with the loss of his love. Someone who feels responsible for a fatal road accident.

The pain of living through something like this is unbearable, for sure. The idea of suicide hitting the head repeatedly, would be obvious. But making him a hero by turning him into an organ donor who is seeking redemption and escape at the same time... hmm not sure, but that seems like a rather disturbing point of view. A bit like buying your way into heaven!? I am sure there are other ways of helping people (err, sorry.... NICE PEOPLE) out.

This wasn't entertaining. The ending might be powerful (I don't know for sure and I don't care either), but it would require a lot of effort to sit through to see the end. So, either you watch the first 20 minutes and then fast forward to the end, or just chuck the movie.

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